New Managing Director



In 1980 the company Lumesa SA was founded by Sepp Sonderegger. In the initial phase, the company dealt with repairs and rebuilds of machines used in civil engineering and tunneling (pile drivers + drilling rigs). In the middle of the 80's the specialization in portable anchors and injection technology began, which met with great acceptance worldwide for its quality and innovation. After 39 years, Sepp Sonderegger has now taken his (well-deserved) retirement. He will continue to work in an advisory capacity. 

The new Managing Director, Mr. Fabio Sassi, has been instructed since summer 2019 and will take over his responsible position as Managing Director from January 1, 2020. As an engineer HTL and thanks to his many years of experience in tunnel construction, Mr. Sassi has the tools to guarantee the continuity of the Lumesa product range at a high level and to further expand it thanks to a very competent team. 

The new owner, Küchler Technik AG, guarantees the continuity of Lumesa as an independent company based in Lumino (TI).